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Product Image Ammo Bin Support Bracket for Dillon 1050s

Ammo Bin Support Bracket for Dillon 1050s

$ 23.99

Tired of the ammo bin flexing/sagging on your Dillon 1050? 
If so, quickly attach Level 10 Innovations' support bracket onto the existing support. 
  • No mods needed. 
  • Low profile design.
  • Requires 3/32" allen key to attach.
  • Hook and channel design maintains bin from sliding off.
  • Extends out to support outer corner where the strength of the bin is located.
  • Counters the natural downhill slope of the OEM bracket.

**Channel where ammo bin sits in is 13/16" wide(made to accommodate 1/2"-3/4" bin rails). Please verify the width of the bin's rail.**