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Product Image Primer Catcher Kit for Dillon 1050*

Primer Catcher Kit for Dillon 1050*

$ 39.99

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*Patent Pending* INSTALL IT AND FORGET ABOUT IT!!!  3rd Party Testers have reported- "Over 10k spent primers funneled with ZERO issues"
Our proprietary "CUP" is machined into a funnel that has a super smooth surface.
  • Level 10 Innovations' Exclusive Primer Cup Funnel Design, Machined METAL  NOT  3D Printed Flimsy Plastic.
  • Does Not obstruct the primer eject hole on the press
  • Keeps spent primers and their debris AWAY from the press, live primers and powder
  • No Mods to press required
  • Reuse original screw to mount
  • 0.3125" Hole Size at tube connection for easy unobstructed drop through into 0.375" I.D. Tube
    • Average Large Primer Diameter 0.210"
    • Average Small Primer Diameter 0.175"




Kit Includes:

  • Aluminum Primer Cup
  • Aluminum Bracket
  • 5' Clear Vinyl Hose 
  • Hose Clamp 

Super 1050 Kit Pictured

The RL 1050 kit is similar to the Super 1050 but the bracket does require the end user to align the catcher, mark the mounting hole location as each RL press may vary on said location and drill a hole for the attachment screw. We try to keep these brackets on hand but there may be times we need additional time to have one made, please allow extra processing time if needed. Thanks!

 Example of the two different brackets. 


Questions regarding the RL Kit please contact us HERE

Note-May contain markings from fabrication process but does not affect function.

Since we are unable to verify each end user's press condition and install capabilities, etc. we are not responsible for any damage to our product whatsoever.