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Product Image Improved Index Roller for Dillon 1050

Improved Index Roller for Dillon 1050

$ 14.45

Simple Improvement that will eliminate some frustration...
The Indexing Lever has a rounded face that engages the index roller and has the tendency to "dance" and move around due to the play in the index lever and OEM roller's flat surface.
  • Guides and directs indexing lever as it glides along the roller with its slight beveled surface (not flat like the OEM Roller).
  • Improves indexing and "PAWL" alignment as it engages the shellplate. 
  • Eliminates unwanted movement from the index lever and bad engagements resulting in jamming and excessive wear on the index pawl.
  • Easy Install...No Mods needed.
  • Super coefficient of friction


  1. One Improved Delrin Index Roller


This picture depicts the best position for quick and easy install without having to mess with anything else...there is a sweet spot that provides just enough space to remove and install.





Below are pictures depicting the motion and alignmennt