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Product Image Upgraded Delrin Cam and Casefeed Roller for Dillon 1050 Presses

Upgraded Delrin Cam and Casefeed Roller for Dillon 1050 Presses

$ 25.86

***Patent Pending***

Designed for MANUALLY operated presses ONLY. For motor driven presses please see our Enhanced Cam.

Key Features:


  • Provides a smoother operation of the case feed plunger
  • Eliminates the METAL to METAL wear of OEM cams and rollers
  • Low Friction
  • High fatigue endurance
  • High strength and stiffness properties
  • With its low coefficient of friction and hard and resilient surface, DELRIN® is the material of choice in many wear applications
  • Superior impact and creep resistance
  • Longer Roller and 117% Wider Cam distributes pressure and wear

This product has been designed for use on hand operated presses where one can "feel" resistance in the handle. If used on presses with auto drives this product IS NOT guaranteed due to possible jams and harsh manipulation of the linkage as well as case feed plunger jams due to various reasons which will cause breakage. We back our product 100%. 



Kit Includes:

1ct-Delrin Cam

1ct-Delrin roller

2ct-Roller Bolts (for old style case feed plunger and newer counter sunk, case feed plunger specific not press)

1ct-Attachment Screw


The items in this kit are designed to work in conjunction with each other, therefor the Delrin Cams, will ONLY be sold as part of this kit and NOT individually. For any type of replacement please contact us and have your order number ready for verification purposes.

Product contains marks from the fabrication process but will not affect its function.

We are not responsible for damage due to accidents or misuse. Jammed casings or improperly maintained or press setup may cause damage. Test function prior to loading live ammunition.

*DELRIN® is a registered trademark of DuPont