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Product Image Upgraded Custom Casefeed Plunger for Dillon 1050 Presses

Upgraded Custom Casefeed Plunger for Dillon 1050 Presses

$ 154.95

High Volume Loaders will appreciate this new design as it has been designed to not wear out the plunger pocket leaving sharp edges resulting in having to purchase a new press. These are considered a specialty item and are made per order, though we will attempt to keep one or two of each size in stock.

  • Delrin(DuPont) is permanently bonded to a modified OEM plunger
  • Delrin Roller included to further assist smooth operation

Kit includes:

  1. Modified Upgraded OEM Plunger
  2. Bolt
  3. Upgraded Delrin Roller


Delrin, a trademark of DuPont, is well known for being Low Coefficient to Friction against steel and other materials.

****This product must be used in an undamaged press. Any damage to this product due to any abuse, neglect or previously damaged press will not be covered. This product is designed to wear and take the abuse to impede damage to the press itself.**** 

Since we are unable to verify each end user's press condition and install capabilities, etc. we are not responsible for any damage to our product whatsoever.