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Product Image Delrin Primer Slide Sleeve for Dillon 1050

Delrin Primer Slide Sleeve for Dillon 1050

$ 7.17

Made from 100% Delrin(DuPont)

Stop replacing the rubber sleeves and install one of these and forget about it!!!
Unbeatable value!!
Sold Individually.

Verify primer slide version prior to ordering as Dillon has changed the sleeve style over the years. 
**May not function with certain RL1050 models, please advise. Slide must be the same style/version as pictured, 1/8"dia. post. 
***Tension retained NOT screw retained
Since we are unable to verify each end user's press condition and install capabilities, etc. we are not responsible for any damage to our product whatsoever.
*Delrin is a registered trademark of DuPont