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Product Image Shellplate Bearing kit w/ Modified Sprocket for Dillon 550

Shellplate Bearing kit w/ Modified Sprocket for Dillon 550

$ 7.85

Included with each option:

Sprocket Kit:

  • One Modified Sprocket
  • Two Washers
  • One Bearing
  • One Delrin Ball

Kit plus Longer Bolt:

  • One Sprocket Kit
  • One Longer Shellplate Bolt

Longer Bolt:

  • One Longer Shellplate Bolt


Smooth up the indexing with this kit on your 550!!!

The ability to tighten the shellplate bolt more than normal, thanks to the bearing, helps eliminate the majority or perhaps all the slop and play in the shellplate.

Convert the "FRICTION" surfaces to a "ROLLING BEARING" type.

OEM Sprockets** are modified to accommodate the size of the bearing and allow clearance between shell plate bolt and die holder.

The Low mass detent bearing provides additional "smoothness" while indexing with less energy hitting the bottom of the shellplate. Delrin(DuPont) Bearing will always be our number one choice as it is designed to take the abuse and not abuse the shellplate. Any material harder than the shellplate will end up "grooving" the shellplate on the bottom, making a nice "ring" like a "fuller" in a knife blade.

Less to Zero wear on the underside of the shellplate where the detent bearing travels.

 **OEM Sprockets are made of cast material and some natural imperfections may be noticed from the casting process of the sprocket, 'exposed ' by the machining process NOT 'caused' by, but will in NO way have an ill effect on function and durability.

Since we are unable to verify each end user's press condition and install capabilities, etc. we are not responsible for any damage to our product whatsoever.

Longer Bolt Qualifications and Necessity :

First- Remove Detent Ball




Second- Install OEM Shellplate Bolt until the bottom of the bolt head is level with the top of the sprocket. 





If you see less than 75% of the bolt's shoulder (shiny area) you would benefit from a longer bolt to help maintain the bolt in place by having full contact with the OEM brass tipped set screw.




Shown below is the result of the longer bolt installed with the complete bearing kit in a modified sprocket. By having sufficient bolt surface for the brass tipped set screw to engage and lock the bolt into position will help eliminate the possibility of the shellplate from loosening.