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Product Image Carrier Cap Retaining System for Super 1050 Presses

Carrier Cap Retaining System for Super 1050 Presses

$ 17.50

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UPDATED 7/22/2017

We have provided a "FLAT" side to engage the Collar Clamp with a wrench.


  1. With the Collar Clamp against the head of the screw, tighten Retaining Screw to roughly 80 inch pounds. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN!!
  2. Slide the bearing kit (washer, bearing, washer) against retaining cap
  3. Spin Collar Clamp against bearing kit and tighten roughly 1/8 to 1/4 turn with a 5/8" wrench or similar.
  4. Tighten the collar clamp set screw to no more than 15 inch pounds

If you have previously purchased one of these kits and would like the updated collar clamp please contact us :    sales@lvl10i.com



MUST HAVE FOR EVERY "Super 1050" Owner 

NEW From Level 10 Innovations


Key Features:

  •  Eliminate the worry or hassle of your carrier cap screw loosening which can destroy bearings and potentially ruin the crank shaft, along with others.
  • Easy Install and Removal for maintenance 
  • Top Quality High Strength Fasteners
  • Over 1,100 Pounds of Dynamic Load Rated Bearing

Kit Includes: 100% USA Made Hardware

  1. One Cap Screw
  2. One Threaded Retaining Shaft Collar ---DO NOT EXCEED 15 lb-in of Torque on Clamp Screw---
  3. One Thrust Bearing
  4. Two Thrust Washers

Install it and Forget About it...

Patent Pending

Watch Video below...



    Replaces OEM part number: 13685