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Product Image Level 10 Innovations' Toolhead Spring & Bushing

Level 10 Innovations' Toolhead Spring & Bushing

$ 47.50

The Biggest and Baddest Spring you can buy for the 1050 and RL1100(see the latest review)!!!



Because of the great success and support of this product we have been able to invested more into this kit to bring it to you at a greatly reduced price!!


10 times, or MORE, Spring Life!!!!!!  

UPDATE June 20, 2014- Spring Failure Reported at 450,678 compression cycles before failure via 3rd party. Spring was worked day in and day out with little to no rest.                                               




Compared to OEM 

1- 100% more Spring Mass to absorb the 5" of deflection needed to cycle the press.(free length to press in down position)

   * OEM spring compresses 5'' of its 8-1/2'', that's over half the spring's free length!!!! 

2- Over 28% Longer Spring to evenly distribute and absorb the pressure.

3- Over 50% as many Coils

4- Over 10% Thicker Wire

5-This is the Biggest Spring/Bushing Combo that can fit on the press without any modification 




- Tested on Dillon Super/RL**** 1050

- 10+ times the spring life* of OEM spring

- Custom Machined Stainless Steel Bushing to be a DROP-IN no modifications needed to press...Made  in USA

- Custom Spring made in USA by a spring manufacturer with over 100 years in the spring manufacturing industry



-SS bushing may contain markings from the Machining process.

-Spring included will not work with OEM bushing. 

-*with 20k cycles average per OEM spring before showing signs of fatigue such as toolhead sag

-**Dillon Super/RL 1050 is a registered trademark of Dillon Precision Products, Inc.

-****RL 1050 Owners:  Before purchasing please verify your press has at least 5-1/8" from top of the bushing mouth down vertically to the top of the rear support or guard.This has not been test fit on RLs with the rotary conversion and electric motor.


Patent Pending