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Product Image Primer Catcher for Dillon 650

Primer Catcher for Dillon 650

$ 39.99

Level 10 Innovations' Primer Catcher Kit for Dillon 650 Presses *Patent Pending*
Kit Includes:
1ct- Catcher Assembly with Wide Mouth Funnel to Catch Debris and Prevent Jamming. (100% Aluminum)
1ct- 5 ft. Hose
1ct- Hose Clamp
2ct- SS Screws
No modifications needed, remove OEM bracket and install new Catcher Assembly with the provided Stainless
***Please verify the two mounting holes are approximately 1.25" apart(use OEM bracket to verify) before ordering***
Since we are unable to verify each end user's press condition and install capabilities, etc. we are not responsible for any damage to our product whatsoever.
**FITMENT: POST-1997 Dillon 650 Presses Only**